Get Ready For Your Transformation

Your Vibrant Lifestyle Co-Creator

You want a healthier lifestyle. You know it. You've always known it. It's time you actually have it! You know down in your core that you are ready for a transformation, yet you haven't been able to achieve it.  You've done all the diets and tried all the things you know to try yet and still, nothing. You know you want to increase your energy, expand your confidence, and show up more powerfully than you ever have. And if we’re keeping it real, it wouldn’t hurt to be a few sizes smaller too, right?! You truly want to be out her thriving so you haven't given up but you are absolutely tired of putting in the work, hoping for results, and creating nothing sustainable. I hear you! I knew I wanted a healthy lifestyle and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, too. I've been there. But that's over now!

I’m Dani Taylor. As a Nutritionist turned Transformation Health Coach - I am a beast at helping women create personalized ste p by step plans so they can create a healthier, happier life – without food rules and restrictions and hours. I’m here to help you get away from what “they” say and do what YOU love. It’s because of my own weight loss success, going from 213 lbs to 140 lbs - dropping 65 lbs in less than 6 months, that I will challenge you, stretch you, test your limits, and expose your doubts so that you can reach your next best level.

I work with passion driven women who know what they want and have no problem going to get it - yet the noise in the health and wellness industry kept them guessing. The women I work with want results without having to sift through different strategies that may, or may not, work. And when you work with me that's exactly what you get. I'll invite you to be courageous, bust through doubt, and own the inner you that knows no matter what happened before, YOU'VE GOT THIS! I want to inspire the achiever in you that get results so you can stop doubting, giving up, wanting, envying, waiting, and pretending to be satisfied when you know you want more. You deserve more! And now is your time to get it!

I welcome you to book your call with me to discuss the very next step you need to help you get from where you are to living your best life without restrictions! 


But don't just take it from me...